Traditional and classic kitchen design for the heart of your home

Traditional kitchen design is timeless and is defined by neutral colour palettes and simple details and designs.

Design details are subtle or kept to a minimum rather than being obvious or overly ornate; cabinets are usually white or cream and doors are also kept very classic, either simple shaker doors or a shaker door with a bead moulding. In contrast to the cream or white doors is the use of black or dark stone worktops, whether granite, quartz or the large range of man-made stone alternatives available.

Traditional styling takes a cosier approach and is an amalgamation of many architectural styles including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Italianate and Neoclassical elements, all with ornate details and embellishments. This decorative approach in the traditional kitchen can also be seen in intricate mouldings, rich stone counter tops, contrasting tiled or parquet pattern wooden floors and design details like leaded glass doors and ornate islands with veneers and carved brackets. Vintage fixtures and hardware on painted cabinetry are other elements found in traditional kitchen design.

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Here is a small selection of the many high quality kitchen layouts that we can offer but we always work to the individual needs of each client, so please arrange an appointment to talk about your project.

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We are a highly experienced Design-led Company based in Oxfordshire. Our expertise is in the self-build and refurbishment markets and we can advise you on the best option for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and lounge requirements.

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