Top three lighting styles for kitchens

With so many options to choose from when it comes to lighting your new kitchen, how do you know where to start? Here we highlight (pardon the pun), the top three most popular types of lighting, and these can work in all styles of kitchen for all tastes.

Regardless of the type of lighting you choose to go for, planning your lighting from the earliest opportunity will give you the greatest effect. Lights are needed for different functions in the kitchen, or different zones; preparation, entertaining etc.. You are going to want brighter lighting for preparing food than when you’re enjoying dinner with a glass of wine. Therefore you need different switches for each zone so you can control them independently. There is also the positioning of your lights to think of.

Without thought to the lighting in your kitchen your builder or electrician may just fit a spot light or lights in the middle of your room, but potentially you are going to be blocking the light when you are standing at any work surfaces on external walls. Ideally spot lights, or lighting for work surfaces need to be installed in line with the surfaces so they shine down on your preparation areas and not onto your back as you’re standing there.

These small changes might seem obvious when mentioned but unfortunately the majority of people just go with what they have always had before, and don’t give a thought to the possibilities a little forward planning could bring.

Get the lighting right

Lighting is vital to finishing your kitchen and your enjoyment of it. You’ve just spent thousands on new units and appliances but lighting is often overlooked or added as an after-thought. Think about statement lighting, ambient and even mood lighting, something that will really make a feature of the room. If you plan on having an island, ensure the lighting is suitable for what you plan to do on it.

1.Classic mood lighting

Not everyone wants their kitchen to feel like you could perform open heart surgery in it at the drop of a hat, some of us enjoy soft warm hues, mood lighting or romantic lighting if you will… This is where you make the most of features such as interesting architecture or niches come into their own. Highlighting accents in soft lighting around the kitchen remind you that this really is the heart of the home.

2.Disco divas!

Soft mood lighting is all well and good, but what about when your mood is of the more party kind? Step forward, multi coloured LED lighting! These examples are what we have just installed in the Potton House show home in the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon. Here we have used LED’s to showcase the feature of the island, but these incredibly versatile and hugely popular home enhancements are suitable for almost anywhere. You can choose from pipe lighting as shown here, spot lights perhaps in the ceiling, on the kick boards or under the wall units, or even stand-alone shaped lights as you might see in a Vegas club. So impressive, this LED lighting will liven up any party.

3.Functional lighting

Of course, there are times when all we need is to be able to see what we’re doing and far being boring, functional lighting can be as impressive and beautiful as romantic or party lighting. Again LED’s play a big part in functional light, with bright and clear light, emanating natural light, many kitchen designers now install LED spot lights in the work areas of new build kitchens. These support the more design led light shades that you will see more often over a dining table, for example.

For advice on lighting and how best to use it in your kitchen, get in touch with us, especially if like what you see here. The pendant lights are from a range of German manufactured lighting that are exclusive to J&S House of Design. Call us on 01865 596768 or visit our website.