Haus Messe predicts kitchen design trends for 2017

The exhibitors along the ‘kitchen mile’ A30 in Germany have made it a habit to invite their industry and retail partners to visit them every September and show off the new trends in kitchen design.

Kitchen trends 2017, trendy Kitchens

The aim is to not only to keep them informed of the latest design trends for kitchen furniture, appliances sinks and accessories, but also to deal with their customers’ critical questions and constructive solutions.

Themes for trendy living in 2017
From urban to industrial design or modern country style, any stylistic direction however individual it may be, can be realised via the exhibitors’ product ranges.

Common themes we saw at Haus Messe this year included;

·        Urbanisation – studio apartments

·        The dream house – open-plan living space solutions

·        Renovations – walls come down and rooms melt into one another…

… and everywhere, fluid transitions are created between the kitchen, dining area and even the living area.

trendy kitchen, kitchen trends 2017

Fluid living as demonstrated by this central island

This trend is reflected in the exhibitions by the manufacturers who have combined to create Küchenmeile – the Kitchen Mile. Based on various layouts, equipment requirements and consumer budgets, this year’s in-house exhibitions by the kitchen furniture industry offer the trade an assortment of modern design solutions to suit any interior style.

Satin finish with wood elements

So what do the kitchen styles and finishes look like for the coming year, well many of the trends from last year are still present in the new line up for 2017 with matt and satin finishes still playing a vital role but with more colour options as standard.

Beautiful grey pallets in matt or satin finishes, combine perfectly with warm natural wood

Wooden elements both in veneer and repro-laminate finishes are also strong in this year’s showings, adding that vital warm and textural element to the finishes we can draw upon and we also noticed that laminate tops were playing a large part in creating the true furniture look, complimenting and matching the door front finishes.

kitchen trends 2017, trendy kitchen

Veneer finishes for 2017, also showing new style shelving to create an element of depth and fun

Delicate niches or heavy shelving?

Feature panels with thick looking shelving also appeared to be a design feature that is gaining pace along with the continuation of niche units throughout the designs, these add a further level of interest and variety to any design and seem to be taking a stronger presence following on from their presence in last year’s designs.

kitchen trends 2017, trendy kitchens

Bold shelving compliments the industrial trend, whilst niches are also still popular

The use of thinner panels (8mm generally) to create these niche or box like features are also more prevalent and can be finished in contrasting finishes to compliment the overall design of the kitchen.

kitchen trends 2017, trendy kitchens

Boxy niches incorporated into the eating area of a compact kitchen

The industrial look wasn’t just a ‘flash in the pan’

We also saw a continuation of the industrial look continuing from its first showing last year, but now being complimented with the ever present timber elements to give it a greater textured and warm feel to what could otherwise be a very stark look.

On the appliance front it was generally more of the same, with new features being added or refined to existing styles, we did however see the trend towards handle-less kitchens being picked up by Miele with the advent of a new range of ovens (called ARTLINE) and microwaves which have no handle on them but a simple touch panel to open the doors, much in the same way Gaggenau have used in their range of ovens for the past couple of years.

trendy kitchens, kitchen trends 2017

Accessories such as lighting and dining sets help to complete the industrial look

These features all help towards creating that truly handle-less look which some people want to create when renovating or fitting their new kitchen.

Visualise your design ideas

So did we get the predictions right last year? We sure did, and thanks to Haus Messe and the kitchen mile, we now know what to expect for 2107 too. Get in touch with the J&S House of Design experts with your ideas, and we’ll help you visualise them with our state of the start technology and 3D renders. Call us on 01865 596768 or email sales@jshod.co.uk