Making life easier with a smart kitchen

There is no doubt, the smarter the technology, the easier our lives become. Think back to the time before your home (or parent’s home) had a microwave, or a dishwasher. Remember the 80’s before we all had the joy of constant connectivity with mobile phones and tablets?

With the latest developments in kitchen design and technology coming together, our homes are now becoming smarter and the connectivity has been taken to the next level. Let’s talk about talking to your kitchen!

Smart fridges that tell tales

Your fridge, for example could now have cameras through which you can check which items are missing for your evening meal while you’re popping to the shop on your lunch break. Push notifications to your mobile device will let you know if the door has been open for a certain amount of time (and then you can look to see what the teenagers have raided)! And tips for correct storage to optimise freshness all downloaded to your pocket.

Remote cooking with smart ovens

Before we even start to talk about how the oven helps you cook, we need to talk about the recipes. A comprehensive database allows access to a myriad of recipes, designed perfectly for your lifestyle. Select the recipe, start a shopping list, checking your existing ingredients via your fridge cameras of course, then tell the oven which recipe you’re using. Automatic temperature control and timings mean that your dish will always turn out perfectly. The only thing it won’t do for you is turn the tin or baste!

Laundry gets easier too, with smart washer-dryers

You’ll soon start thinking of your laundry tablet as the app displaying device, rather than the detergent once you get smart with your washing machine. All the cycles that you normally see on the front of the machine are directly accessible via your mobile device and you even get tips on which cycles to use. Never again will you need sticky notes to tell your other half or children how to use the machine, you can pre-set it all and with push notifications direct to your phone or tablet you’ll know exactly how it’s all progressing – if you want to know that kind of thing!

The range of smart appliances is steadily growing, depending on which manufacturer you choose, you could even update the idea of a ‘teas-maid’ with a smart coffee maker and have a steaming hot brew ready for when you pad down to the kitchen in the morning.

And yes, there are both iOS and Android versions, so you won’t be needing to change your phone to take care of it all.

Have a look at the Bosch range of ‘Home Connect’ appliances that simplify the household chores, or go one step further with Miele and check out the incredible information service that their home appliances provide, with Miele@home and Con@ctivity, turning your home into a hub of information with a domestic ‘bus system’. We love the idea of the Smart Grid system that turns your machines on during the lowest rate tariff times!

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